Overview of User Types & Teams

How permissions work in Circa


In Circa, every user belongs to a single Workspace, which can be customized with company branding, integrations and settings. 

Within a Workspace, there are three types of users: Admins, Team Members and Event Staff. 

User Type Key Permissions
Workspace Admin
  • Has full access to the Workspace
  • Can manage all users, Teams and Events
  • Is automatically a Team Member on all Teams
  • Is not necessarily on the Event Staff of any Events
Team Member
  • Has full access to all Events in their Team
  • Can manage other Team Members in their Team
  • Is not necessarily on the Event Staff of any Events in their Team
Event Staff
  • Can have full or limited to a specific Event
  • When limited access, can view an Event, but cannot update it
  • Also when limited access, cannot view the Event Budget

Note that these three user types are not mutually exclusive. 

It is possible (and common) for a Team Member to have full access to an Event, but not be on the Event Staff for that Event.

It is also possible for a user to be a Team Member on one Team but only on the Event Staff of an Event in another Team.

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