How do I set up the Salesforce CRM Integration?

Syncing your Circa account with Salesforce allows for information to flow both to & from your CRM

To enable the bidirectional sync between Circa and Salesforce you will want to work with with your IT, martech or Saleforce admin to makes sure your fields are mapping correctly. If you experience any issues please reach out to us directly here:

This integration can be found by simply navigating to Settings > Integrations > Salesforce.

From the "Auth" tab, click "Connect Account" and use your Salesforce login credentials to quickly link your account. 


To use the Salesforce integration, you'll need a Salesforce edition that supports API access and, depending on the Salesforce sync options you want to use, your Salesforce admin will need the following permissions:

  • Read/write access to Leads
  • Read/write access to Contacts
  • Read/write access to Campaigns
  • Read/write access to Campaign Members
  • Read-only access to Accounts

A note:

We recommend creating an "Integration User" – a dedicated Salesforce account with name and email address, such as:

With this approach, your team can clearly see that updates to synced Campaigns, Contacts and Meetings come from Event. 

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