Publishing Event Calendars

Creating a Publishable Events Calendar

To create an Event Calendar, navigate to your Org Reports & Settings by clicking the building icon at the top of the sidebar > Publishing > Event Calendars. Click the blue "Create Event Calendar" button to begin. Note that only Org Admins can create and edit Event Calendars.

Once inside the builder, use the options along the right-hand side of the page to edit and customize the content and design of your Event Calendar.

Read more about publishing and sharing Event Calendars here.

  • Design: Under design, edit the Calendar's title, logo, background image and font family.
  • Filters: Each Event Info field, including Custom Fields, are optional Filters for your Calendar.
  • Columns: Select which columns of information will be displayed across your calendar.
  • Event Request Forms: Optionally include a button that will link from your Calendar to your Event Request Form(s).
  • Settings: Choose whether or not to link an Event's name in the Calendar to its detailed Event Brief.
  • Permissions: Set your calendar to a public view, an SSO-only view or to private.

Managing Published Event Calendars

To manage Event Calendars for your Org, click on the actions menu in the upper right-hand corner of the Events Dashboard and select 'Manage Event Calendars.'

You can also go to your Org Reports & Settings, the Publishing tab and then the Event Calendars subtab.

Click on any of the Event Calendar names to review and update them. You can also see when each Event Calendar was created and last updated, view the current Permissions settings and click to copy the shareable URL or embed code. Use the actions menu at the far right of each Calendar's name to delete an Event Calendar.

A few notes:

  1. You can create multiple Event Calendars to share with different audiences in-and-outside of your company.
  2. When the Date filter is removed within the Event Calendar builder, viewers of the Calendar are able search for all events including past events.
  3. Event Calendars update in real time - any event updates you make inside Circa will update your Event Calendars right away.

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