Sidebar tour


Upcoming events are organized by Teams in the Sidebar. Clicking on a Team name will take you to an Events Dashboard, filtered for that Team's upcoming Events.

  • On left side of each Team name, there are ▶▼ triangle icons you can click to open or close each Team's upcoming Events, like a folder.
  • On the right side of each Team name, there's a gear icon, which takes you to Team Reporting and Settings.
  • On the left side of each Event, the Event Status is shown as a circle. If the circle is filled in, the Event has a status of committed. If the circle is empty, the status is either Considering, Skipping, Cancelled, or Postponed.
  • You can rearrange the Teams in the Sidebar into your preferred order by dragging and dropping the Team name. The updated order will appear in your personalized Sidebar view only -- not that of your teammates.

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