How do I set up Registration for an Event?

Create external registration pages with robust settings and Zoom / Go To integrations.

Registration landing pages are easy to customize using Circa's drag-and-drop editor for images, videos, fonts, colors, layout, styling and any custom fields. You can also customize URL, email and native calendar invitations. And once your registration page is activated you can easily sync Contacts and Companies to your CRM.

Adding Registration to an Event

Workspace Members with Full Access to an Event can customize and launch Registration for that Event.

To create a new Registration landing page and form, go to the Registration tab within any Event and start on the Create tab.

Add Dates to the Event

The landing page and form builder will default to the Event Name and Dates, but these can updated to a Public Event Name or Date. Note that your event will require a Date to add a Registration, but you can remove this date from the Event header after you've enabled Registration, if desired.

Enable Company Fields

If your Workspace requires certain Company fields to sync to CRM, you can enable these as questions in a single switch. Note that Company Name is always required to sync to CRM.

Registration Settings

The Settings section allows you to: 

  • Customize the URL
  • Create Registration form subdomain
  • Edit post-submit confirmation email template 
  • Sender email address and BCC email addresses
  • Send a Calendar Invite
  • Restrict only business email addresses
  • Zoom and GoToWebinar form integrations


Preview allows you to view your form and toggle between three views - desktop, tablet, and mobile.


Once you're satisfied with the layout of the preview, simply click "Publish" to finalize your Registration Form. 

After your Registration Form has been published, you're now ready to share and use the form to track registration for an event.

A few notes:

  1. After a Registration Form has been published, it can be used to track event registration within the Results tab.
  2. You can edit a published Registration Forms by going to the green "Live" button and selecting "Edit"
  3. You can Share your form directly once published by clicking the "Share" button.
  4. You can customize your Registration Form subdomains. 

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