How do I setup engagement alerts for virtual events?

Notify your sales team when leads register or check-in to virtual events and webinars

With Circa, your sales team can receive automated alerts when virtual attendees engage, providing real-time insight into how to nudge prospects towards a sale. 

Virtual Event Engagement Alerts

An admin will need turn on integrations with Zoom or GoTo to enable virtual and hybrid events.
You'll also need an admin to connect your Salesforce account (or other CRM) which will pull in any contact owners you have established. 

After your integrations are set up, you can add your sales team as Workspace Members in Circa.

Each member can then manage their own notifications from their account settings page by clicking into their avatar in the upper righthand corner:

Then select the 'Email Subscriptions' tab:

And scroll down to find the 'Attendee Engagement' section where you can toggle on email alerts:

You can also pull post-event data to create virtual event engagement reports to assess your lead behavior.

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