Account Settings in Circa

Your personal account settings in Circa can be found by clicking on your avatar in the upper righthand corner. Before making any changes the default avatar will be your initials.

This will display a simple dropdown menu where you can click into your 'Account Settings'.

This will open up five tabs:

Profile - here you can add/change your personal information and also change your avatar. If you scroll down you we see any teams you are on and events you are assigned too. And if you are an Admin you will see Event Requests.

Preferences - Allows you set your default Dashboard View and your time zone.

Password Reset - Where you can change your password.

Email Subscriptions - Where you can change your notification and reminders preferences and edit in- platform collaboration tools, and configure your event attendee notifications. More details can be found on these settings here.

Calendar Settings - where you can view your calendar integration

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