How do I set up Event Request Forms?

Event Request Forms create a streamlined process for gathering and approving event requests

Streamline your event approval process using Circa's Event Request Forms. Determine required information, gather event request submissions, and determine an internal review process for approvals.

Note: Circa credentials are not required to fill out and submit a request but only Workspace Admins can create Event Request Forms.

Creating an Event Request Form

To create an Event Request Form, navigate to the Settings menu by clicking the gear icon at the bottom of the sidebar > Events > Request Forms. Click the purple "Create Event Request Form" button to begin.

Once inside the builder, the Form will show your company logo at the top and you can edit the default Form Title (required) and Description (optional) in the header. 

Within the main body of the Request Form, there are a few required fields:

  • Requester First Name, Last Name and Email are required fields. If the respondent is a Workspace Member who is signed in, then these fields will not be shown.
  • Event Name is also a required field, though you can change the question's text.

All other questions and sections throughout your Form are customizable and can be optional or required. 

  1. Click the green "Add New Question" button
  2. Type out the question text, adding Help Text if/when necessary
  3. From the "Map with" dropdown, select the Event Info, Custom or other field to map with the question's response. The Field Type is set automatically based on the event field you're mapping the question with.
  4. Use the toggle to determine whether or not the question is required
  5. Delete a question by clicking the trash can icon in the lower right
  6. Add additional sections, with unique Titles and Descriptions, by clicking the blue "Add Section" button at the bottom of the Form.

The questions you add throughout your Form can be mapped to any of the existing Event Info fields or to Custom Fields you've created. There are a few special cases to keep in mind:

  • Questions mapped with Location will have respondents choose a location that is found by Google Maps.
  • When a Form question is mapped with a URL field type, the Form will check that the URL a respondent gives is a valid URL. Otherwise, respondents will see an error message
  • Questions that don't map to specific fields can instead be mapped with Notes. You can choose to create multiple questions that map with Notes, and can optionally set the minimum or maximum number of characters for responses.

Click Next when you've finished adding questions to continue to the Settings page of the Request Form builder.

Customizing Event Request Form Settings

Choosing Permissions

When creating an Event Request Form you will set its Permissions setting. There are three options available:

  • Public, for sharing Request Forms that anyone can access, if they have the link. 
  • Single Sign-On (SSO), for sharing Request Forms that only company employees can access.
  • Members, for sharing Request Forms so that only Circa Workspace Members can access.

Selecting Declined Reasons

You can also select, edit or add reasons to choose from when declining an Event Request. Circa gives a set of predefined reasons, but you can add more by clicking "Add Another Reason" or by clicking the pencil icon next to a reason to edit it.

Adding Reviewers 

By adding Reviewers to your Request Form, you can choose who is involved in the approval process. You can choose to automatically send an email notification to the Reviewer(s) whenever the Form has a new submission and whenever a submission has been updated.

Customizing Email Notifications 

When someone submits a Request Form, they’ll automatically receive a confirmation email that includes a link where they can update their request. You can customize the following messages and emails by clicking the pencil icon in the upper right of the message:

  • Post-Submit Confirmation Message
  • Post-Submit Confirmation Email
  • Request Approved Email
  • Request Declined Email
  • Request Returned Email

Preview and publish

The final page of the Form builder shows you a preview of what the Form will look like. Once you are happy with your Request Form, click "Publish" at the bottom.

Share with your team

Once you have published your form, you can share it with a unique URL by navigating to the Settings menu using the gear icon and selecting "Events" from the sidebar, and then clicking the "Request Forms" tab.

Next, simply click to copy the shareable URL.

A few notes:

  1. If you close your Form before clicking "Publish," the Form will be saved as a draft. You can click the Form name to edit and publish it at any time.
  2. In order to add a Reviewer, he or she has to be a member of at least one Team within your Org.
  3. Along with Reviewers, Workspace Admins can also review Event Requests regardless of whether they're added to the Form as a Reviewer.

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