How do Checklist Templates work?

Import Checklists from a previous event into a new event.

Checklist Templates let you import a Checklist into an event. With Templates, you can also set the Due Dates on the Checklist Tasks to the start date of the new event.

Using Checklist Templates

To import a Checklist Template, navigate to the Checklist tab within an event.

  1. Use the Import button next to the blue "Add Task" button.
  2. Choose between the two Template types:
    • Previous Event: Import Checklist(s) from events previously created in your Org. Choose to import the entire Checklist or just a Checklist Section.
    • Community Template: Import Checklist(s) created by Circa that are based on best practices for managing different types of events.
  3. Optionally set the Due Dates automatically from the event start date. (See below for more information.)

You may want to create events specifically to use as Checklist Templates. These will appear in the Previous Event dropdown list.

To save your Checklist Templates so that they're easy to find, first create a Templates team. Then add "[Template]" before the event's name, so it will appear at the top of the list. 

Setting Due Dates automatically from event start date

With the Previous Event Template type, you can update Task Due Dates automatically to be due the same number of days away from the new event's start date. To do this, simply check the "Set due dates based on event start date" checkbox.

Note that both the Previous Event and the new event will need to have a start date, so that the number of days can be calculated and copied over.

A note:

You can also import a Checklist Template when creating a new event by using the "Add a Checklist" dropdown menu at the bottom of the Create New Event window.

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