How do Checklists, Tasks and Subtasks work?

Use Checklists to seamlessly manage event project management

Checklists are the to-do lists of your Event and are comprised of Tasks and Sections.

You can assign Tasks to your collaborators and they'll receive Assignment Notifications. Using Checklist Templates, you can import Checklists into new or existing events.

Note that Org Members with Full Access to an event can create, delete and update Tasks for that event. Limited Access Event Staff cannot create or delete Tasks, but they can update Task Status, add Comments or Attachments when they're assigned to that Task. 

Creating and updating Tasks

To create a new Task, navigate to the Checklist tab of an event and click the blue "Add Task" button. Here you can add a Task name, Due Date, Assignee(s) or add the Task to a Section.

Press enter on your keyboard or click the blue check mark in the lower right to save your task.

After saving your Task, click on the Task name to view the full menu of options for that Task. Within the Task view you can add:

  • Description: Formattable text about your Task.
  • Due Date
  • "Reminder to start" Date
  • Assignee(s): One or multiple.
  • Task Tags: Used to organize Tasks and as filters within Checklists, these are customizable and managed by Org Admins.
  • Subtasks: See below.
  • Dependencies: Set up your Tasks to be Dependent on other Tasks and warn Members that certain Tasks should be completed before others.
  • Contacts and/or Vendors
  • Expenses
  • Attachments


You can add Subtasks to break up larger Tasks into smaller units of work. Subtasks can be given Due Dates and Assignees separate from those of the parent Task. 

Drag-and-drop to reorder Subtasks on a single Task.

Task Notifications

When you assign a Task, the Assignee will automatically receive several Email Notifications and Reminders:

  • When you first assign the Task
  • On the "Reminder to start" Date, if one has been added 
  • 3 days before the Task Due Date (if the Task hasn't been marked as completed)
  • 1 day before the Task Due Date (if the Task hasn't been marked as completed)
  • 2 days after the Task Due Date (if the Task hasn't been marked as completed)

You can also follow a Task that you're not assigned to, to receive notifications if/when the Task is updated. To follow a Task, click on the signal icon in the upper right of the individual Task view.

Using Checklist Sections

Checklist Sections let you group and organize similar Tasks together.

To create a new Section, click on the blue "Add Task" button and then the "Add to section" field on the right. Next, select "Create New Section" and enter the name you want to use for the new Section. Click enter on your keyboard to save.

  • To delete a Section, click on the trash can icon on the right of the Section row within the Checklist. 
  • To change the name of a Section, click on the pencil icon located to the right of the Section name. The Section name will then be editable. To save, click enter on your keyboard.
  • To add a Task to a Section when first creating the Task, go to the right of the new Task panel and click "Add to Section."
  • To transfer a Task to a Section after the Task has already been created, click and drag the Task into the target Section.

Managing Checklists and Tasks

Checklist View Options

When viewing the Checklist for a single event, there are three different view options: 

  1. Due Date: See all Tasks in one list, sortable by Due Date. In this view, Section is a sortable column.
  2. Section: See all Tasks organized into Sections. You can drag-and-drop Sections to recorder them and drag-and-drop Tasks to reorder them within and between Sections.
  3. Calendar: See all Tasks on a monthly calendar.

Switch between these views using the icons in the upper right corner of the Checklist. You can also filter all three views by Task Tag, Status and Assignee.

Read more about viewing your Tasks across all events here.

Re-ordering and bulk-updating Tasks

You can select and update multiple Tasks at once using the checkboxes to the left of each Task. When you have multiple Tasks selected, the actions menu will appear next to the (disabled) Add Task button.

Use the actions menu to bulk-update:

  • Status
  • Due Date
  • Assignees
  • Section
  • Tags
  • Delete all

Drag-and-drop Tasks and/or Sections to reorder them within your Checklist. Drag-and-drop reordering also works when you select multiple Tasks at once.

Completing Tasks

As an Assignee or Admin, you can mark a Task as Completed from the Checklist or individual Task view by clicking the check box next to the Task. Tasks currently have two Statuses: Open or Completed. 

Assignees can also reply to Task Assignment Notifications and Reminders with the single word "completed" to check-off the Task from their email inbox.

Exporting and Syncing Checklists

Using the actions menu (three gray dots) in the upper right of the full Checklist view, you can:

  • Sync a full Checklist with your calendar
  • Download the Checklist as a CSV

A few notes:

  1. To delete a Task, click the trash can icon on the right of the Task row in the Checklist view. You can also delete a Task from the individual Task view.
  2. Only Org Members with Full Access to Events can delete Tasks.
  3. You will not receive an Email Notification if you have assigned a Task to yourself but you will receive automatic Reminders about that Task.
  4. Only the the Assignee of the Task, and Org Admins, can update the Task Status.
  5. You can copy/paste multiple Tasks into the "Add Task" area at the same time. Each new line of text will be added as an individual Task.

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