How do I publish and share a Registration Form?

Publish and share unlimited event registration pages and easily track attendees

After creating a Registration Form, you can publish and share the form right from Dashboard.  

To Publish, simply select the "Publish" button in the top right corner, confirm that you'd like to publish the form, and the form will be live. 

You can also share a Registration Form from this dashboard by selecting the the "Share" button  in the top right corner. To share a Registration Form for an event, there are two options available: 

  1. Share the Registration Form via direct URL: Simply click the clipboard icon to copy the Registration Form URL. When you share this URL out, anyone who clicks the URL will be directed to your event Registration Form.
  2. Embed the Registration Form on a website or landing page: Simply copy the Embed code from within Circa and paste the URL into your site's HTML code.

A few notes:

  1. The embed option allows you to easily share out a registration form on your event's website or landing page without conflicting with page styling. You'll want to add the embed code within a <div> container and set the height relative to the length of your form. Example embed code below: 


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