How do I set up custom fields on Events?

Custom Fields are a great way to organize your events by the details that are specific to events at your company.

Event Custom Fields enable your team to track and share the exact details you need for your events, in the format that makes the most sense for your company.

By default, Events come with only the most basic fields built-in. Workspace Admins should take the time to set up additional Custom Fields to organize and streamline the data structure that will be used by all other Workspace members.

Event Info Fields

To view or edit Event Info Fields, or to set up Custom Fields, you must be a Workspace Admin. If you're an Admin, go to Org Reports & Settings > Settings > Events.

When you are first setting up a new account, the following fields will already be created for you and cannot be removed:

  1. Event Name
  2. Status
  3. Leader
  4. Location
  5. Description

Additionally, the following fields will be created but can be edited and turned on or off by using the toggle button:

  1. Types
  2. Roles

Setting up Custom Fields

In addition to the standard Event Info Fields listed above, Workspace Admins can create an unlimited number of Custom Fields and organize these into sections. The following field types are available:

  • Text Input
  • URL
  • Number
  • Amount
  • Date
  • Boolean
  • Member Select
  • Member Multiselect
  • Single Select
  • Multiselect

Creating and Managing Custom Fields

To add a new Custom Field:

  1. Click the blue "Add New Field" button
  2. Select the desired Field Type from the drop-down menu
  3. Type in a Field Name
  4. If adding a Single Select or Multiselect field, add in your picklist items
  5. Click the blue "Add" button

Once you have created the new field, it will be added to the list of Event Info Fields and toggled to green, or on.

  • To rearrange Fields, or to place them within a certain Section, drag-and-drop the ⠿ handlebars.
  • To edit a field, click the drop-down caret and type to update the Field Name.
  • To delete a field, hover over the field with your muse and click the trash icon.

Creating and Managing Sections for Custom Fields

You may want to create various Sections to help organize the Custom Fields you create. To add a new Section:

  1. Click the blue "Create New Section" button
  2. Type in a Section Name
  3. Press Enter to save

  • To edit or delete a Section, hover over that section with your mouse and use the pencil or trash icons.
  • To rearrange Sections, drag-and-drop the ⠿ handlebars.

A few notes:

  1. In order for a field to appear in events in your Org, it must be toggled on.
  2. Once a Custom Field is enabled, you can find Custom Fields in events by going to the Info tab, then clicking the section heading.
  3. Custom Fields are also available as configurable columns in the Events Dashboard and in Event Calendars.

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