How do I view virtual event engagement reporting?

Keep tabs on your leads and create custom reports on your event performance

Once your account is integrated with Zoom, GoTo, or another hosting platform, your team can seamlessly monitor who attends your virtual events, how long they attend for, and report on these metrics in real time. 

In addition to customizable reporting and syncing data with your CRM, your sales and marketing team can also receive instant notifications about attendance data, for real time insight into who is engaging with your event and teeing your team up for instant outreach. 

Customizing and sharing post-virtual event reports

To create and share a report for a specific virtual event or webinar, navigate to the Contacts tab of that event. Here you can use Filters and Columns to pull in the exact data that's most important to your team. To view registration and attendance data, be sure to include the following columns:

  1. Join Time
  2. Leave Time
  3. Time in Session
  4. Created Method (if your team has used registration forms)

Once you have added the Filters and Columns you need, use the action menu (three gray dots) at the right-hand side of the page to export your data as a CSV document. 

If your account is also integrated with your CRM, such as Salesforce, this data will be automatically synced to your CRM in real time and associated with the correct campaign.

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