How to connect events to Marketo Campaigns

Steps to connect events in Circa to Marketo Campaigns

Once you've enabled the Marketo integration and set up the Contact field mapping, the Marketo integration is ready to use.

Connecting events to Marketo Campaigns

For each event in Circa, you'll want to connect it to a corresponding Campaign in Marketo. Note that the Campaign will need to exist in Marketo before it can be connected to Circa. 

To make the connection, go to the Event Info > CRM tab and click the Connect Campaign button.

You'll see a dropdown with all of your Marketo Campaigns and you can search for the corresponding Campaign by name. 

We recommend developing a Marketo Campaign naming convention, if you haven't done so already, to keep your Campaigns organized for the Circa integration integration and in general. 

Also note that an event can only be connected to one Marketo Campaign and vice-versa.

Viewing events that are connected to Marketo

You can see which of your events in Circa are already connected to Marketo by using the filters menu on the Events Dashboard

Open the Filters dropdown menu on the Dashboard and scroll down to the CRM > Sync Status filter section. Then select the filters for Synced.

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