How to navigate the Sidebar

Learn how to quickly get around Circa using the Sidebar and icon tray

This article was created to introduce new users to some of Circa's key features and how to find them.

Circa's sidebar, running along the lefthand margin is command central for all things events and where you will find the five main navigational menus that make up the Icon Tray. Each of these icons opens up a robust sub-menu allowing you to fully customize, organize, strategize, and visualize your event marketing channel and monitor your overall event marketing performance. 

Below is a brief overview of each space with links to additional support documentation.

Events Dashboard - This is the first page you see when you login and provides full visibility on all your events with a number of ways to view, sort, search, and share your data via event calendars, event briefs, and shared views. This is also where you can create new events, publish event calendars, event registration pages, import .csv files, and monitor event requests from your team.

Contacts - your Circa rolodex where you can add and view individual contacts, companies, and vendors. Click through to see any events the contact is associated with.

Workspace - this is where you will add new Workspace Members, assign permissions, create and manage teams, view details about your Circa subscription, and see a tally of your active users.

Reports - use this tool to create robust reporting and visualizations of budgets and also to calculate accurate ROI. You also have the capability to import expenses, and configure budget data using a number of suggested fields as well as unlimited customizable fields.
Settings - Create your event request forms, brief templates, meeting and contact configurations, determine budget and expense categories, upload your logo, and set-up integrations. Many of the items here are also accessible through their respective main menus. 

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